Deviceye Products

Deviceye Gateways receives data from sensors using BLE, RF or UWB protocols and sends it directly to our cloud servers via Ethernet, WiFi or GSM protocols depending on your project.

Ethernet Gateway

Uses ethernet RJ45 cable to connect to the internet

WiFi Gateway

Uses wireless local area connection to connect to the internet

GSM Gateway

Uses GPRS, UMTS or LTE mobile protocols to connect to the internet

Mobile App Gateway

Convert a mobile to a gateway using an application



Beacons are small devices that can be placed anywhere you want.
They will allow you to collect data with their sensors
and their dedicated softwares.

Temperature Beacon
Humidity Beacon
Gas Beacon
Location Beacon

More Specifications

Ultra Efficient Battery

Low energy consumption


Can be configured to suit your needs

Collect Data

Senses the environment and sends data to gateways

Affordable Price

Built from small advanced affordable technology